Eric Davis: Democrats’ prospects are mixed

Political party organizations are already starting to focus on the 2022 elections for the U.S. Senate and House, even though some contests from the 2020 cycle are still unresolved. The final partisan breakdown of the 117th Congress, to convene in January, has yet to be determined. Two senators from Georgia will be elected in Jan. 5 run-offs. As of early this week, winners of nine House seats had yet to be determined, either because absentee ballots were still being counted, or because results were so close … (read more)

Democratic women invited to learn campaign process

VERMONT — Emerge Vermont has announced that applications are now open for its Class of 2021. Applications are open to any Democratic woman interested in enrolling in the organization’s extensive training to learn the ins and outs of political campaigning. … (read more)

Eric Davis: What Dems can learn from Labour

The British electoral system is very different from the American one. Campaigns in Britain are short, barely a month long. Much less money is spent on broadcast and digital media advertising than in America. Voters in Britain make only one mark on their b … (read more)