Porter ramps up services, confronts deficits

MIDDLEBURY — With COVID-19 activity on a steady, downward trend in Addison County, Porter Medical Center continues to ramp up services, including elective surgeries. And while Porter has been assigned the task of mopping up $5.7 million of the $152 million in COVID-related red ink the University of Vermont Health Network is projected to incur by Sept. 30, PMC officials are confident they’ll be able to do that — and more — without layoffs. “Our overarching message at this moment in time to our community is t … (read more)

School districts plan for very large deficits

MIDDLEBURY — There are less than two months left in the 2019–2020 academic year, which will go down in history for having featured much of a semester of empty classrooms. And Addison Central School District learned on Monday that this academic year will a … (read more)

Editorial: Schools face looming deficits

At this stage of the pandemic-induced financial crisis we are about to face, it’s difficult to imagine how severe the upcoming recession will be. Preliminary numbers in Vermont suggest we may have reached a record 30 percent unemployment — a truly stagger … (read more)