Community forum: Poverty limits school success

It’s no surprise that the latest educational report of the widening gap in student performance in Vermont’s public schools is between students of means and those who live in poverty.

Letter to the editor: Copland Hanzas earns support

We support Sarah Copland Hanzas for Secretary of State because of her values, her integrity, and her hard work to support democratic principles and the environment.

In education, what does ‘local control’ mean?

Editor’s note: This is the seventh in a series about the growing pains of Addison County schools in 1965-66 and the Vermont Commissioner of Education’s ambitious plan to address them. Read the entire series here.ADDISON COUNTY — Upon completion of a recen … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Fill out your HS-144; it could result in tax savings

I’d like to try to explain School Taxes usually referred to as Education Property Taxes. It’s not well understood that most Vermont residents can pay school taxes on their homesite (home and two acres) by virtue of their income, NOT the property value of … (read more)

Sharpe seeks write-in votes for MAUSD board

BRISTOL — A retired veteran Vermont legislator and former Bristol selectboard member has emerged in the 11th hour as a write-in candidate for an open Bristol seat on the Mount Abraham Unified School District board. David Sharpe, who for four years served … (read more)

Guest editorial: Was the legislature hoodwinked by school officials on Act 46?

I am distressed by the proposals for school closings in Addison County. The Legislature’s Education Committees took many weeks of testimony over a six-year period regarding how we move forward as a state in providing quality education for Vermont children … (read more)