New coyote hunting laws take effect in 2022

Three new hunting or trapping related laws passed by the Vermont Legislature during the 2022 session are going into effect.

Panton resident experiences an unusual attack by a coyote

Local resident took appropriate steps to scare off a coyote when attacked.

Regulations eyed for coyote hounding

Every winter Shoreham resident Karima Borni braces herself for the return of the houndsmen and their dogs, which come to kill coyotes.

Letter to the editor: Hunts do not control coyotes

Mr. Gebo is correct that coyotes were not found in Vermont prior to the 1940s. But they are in no way an invasive species here.

Letter to the editor: Coyotes have had a negative effect in Vermont

If you live in Vermont and have been here for less than 55 years, you do not know what Vermont looks like without coyotes.

Faith Gong: Call of the wild

It just so happens that I’ve been thinking about loud noises quite a bit lately, because we’re trying to teach our two-year-old son to stop screaming at the cat.