Letter to the editor: Many benefit from the Ilsley

The bond vote for the Ilsley Public Library’s proposed improvements and redesign is one of the most important we can imagine, and it’s a shame that Middlebury must shoulder this responsibility alone when so many of us from other towns are loyal patrons and beneficiaries of the Ilsley (we would encourage non-Middlebury folks to donate privately to the Ilsley’s fundraising efforts, if you are able).

Letter to the editor: Doria, McCallum are honest, effective communicators

As parents of young children we are concerned about school consolidations, not just whether they should happen but how they will happen.

Letter to the editor: So thankful for Ilsley Library

I would like to express my deep and continuous gratitude for the people and institution of the Ilsley Public Library. In pre-pandemic days, the library was a haven and frequent stop for my daughter and me. We came for books, of course, but also for the cr … (read more)