Jessie Raymond: Diving deeply into compost(ing)

I’ve recently dipped my toe — not entirely metaphorically — into compost. I don’t know much about composting yet, but I plan to be unbearable on the subject in no time.

Improve your composting skills with these free workshops

Emily Johnston, the Public Outreach Coordinator for the Addison County Solid Waste Management District Board, invites homeowners and renters to come to a free workshop hosted by the ACSWMD this fall. Upcoming topics include Backyard Composting, Vermicompo … (read more)

Compost using the lazy lasagna method

While doing your fall yard clean-up, envision and decide on an area for a new flower or vegetable garden or a space to relax.

Student promotes composting at her school

Cassandra Guillemette’s work has been recognized with the Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest honor a high schooler in Girl Scouts may earn.

Composting with bears in mind

MONTPELIER — The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department said many people are having problems with bears looking for food near their homes, and with the food scrap ban in effect the department is providing tips for people who are composting at home so they c … (read more)

Waste district clarifies July composting regulations

ADDISON COUNTY — Our Jan. 6 story about business composting and Vermont’s Universal Recycling Law inspired some feedback and questions from Addison County Solid Waste Management District residents.  ACSWMD’s Public Outreach Coordinator Jessie-Ruth Corkins … (read more)

Businesses prep for new composting law

ADDISON COUNTY — On July 1, 2020, everyone in Vermont will be required to keep their food scraps out of the trash. The ban is the latest phase of the state’s Universal Recycling Law (Act 148) to be implemented — the same law that in years past banned recy … (read more)