Climate group will help homeowners decarbonize

The Climate Economy Action Center of Addison County is launching a pilot program that will offer free one-on-one support to county residents looking to reduce their home’s energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. 

Locals explore big building decarbonization

A new project spearheaded by the Climate Economy Action Center of Addison County will explore the decarbonization of the county’s larger, nonresidential buildings, such as schools, factories and office buildings.

Efforts to decarbonize local homes face hurdles

Addison County contractors helping residents decarbonize their homes face a few obstacles in providing those services, notably a lack of available, trained workers and challenges in accessing “greener” supplies. 

County climate plan swings into action

Amid the sunny days of midsummer this past July, the Climate Economy Action Center of Addison County (CEAC) published a list of steps community members could take to fight the climate crisis and curb the rapid warming of the planet. 

Local greenhouse gas emissions going up

Addison County is not making measurable progress in reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and now faces a tougher task in meeting local reduction goals by 2030 — according to a study published last month by the Climate Economy Action Center of Addison Cou … (read more)

Climate plan offers steps to curb warming

Addison County residents and organizations now have access to a list of steps they can take in fighting the climate crisis at the local level.

County climate plan focuses on local action

Addison County now has a comprehensive, data-driven plan for reducing its share of the global pollution responsible for climate disruption — and its authors are looking to the community to help improve it.

Input sought on county climate plan proposal

A draft Climate Action Plan, or CAP, for Addison County was released this week and is available for public comment.

Community forum: County climate group sees progress

This past summer, the Climate Economy Action Center of Addison County (CEAC) completed over 40 interviews with diverse community members.

New study identifies Addison County climate emissions

ADDISON COUNTY — Farming accounts for more greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Addison County than any other sector, according to a new study released Thursday by the Climate Economy Action Center of Addison County (CEAC). The report estimates emissions of … (read more)