Letter to the editor: Rude behavior prevented full enjoyment of show

I’ve just returned from seeing “Nightfires” at the Town Hall Theater — an extraordinary show for which the cast expended many hours of planning and practice and were generous in sharing their talent and passion with our community.

Poetry: Threads of light and silver

Silver Solstice By Cindy Hill   Pale sun slides low across the silver sky and softly spins a thread of silver light to hold the force of day against the night, the all-entombing darkness to defy. Like mycorrhizal filaments through earth or water pulsing u … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Diner makeover called ‘soulless’

The evisceration of the Park Diner by its conversion from the heart of working-class Middlebury to a tableau beside which the town’s elite can sip wine and eat from a prohibitively expensive out-of-town French restaurant ‘food truck’ while taking selfies … (read more)