Chronology 2023: A year in review

Change is good, but that doesn’t include climate change. Like everywhere, here in Addison County we saw the effects of this change in the early start to the maple sugaring season, the unusually late hard frost in May, and we all recall the unusually heavy rains of July and August.

Chronology 2022: The year in stories

Of course, 2022 had its rough patches. And it had many high points. Take a trip down memory lane and recall what made this past year special.

Editorial: Looking back, what’s new?

Each year at this time the Addison Independent compiles a chronology of the notable events of the prior year by month. 

2021: We coped with COVID, and life went on

Once again the pandemic was a dominant feature of life in Addison County this year. But even on the public health front there was some good news.