Faith Gong: Why we are celebrating

“Daddy, don’t forget to pick up some cupcakes at the store, okay?” My husband, who was heading out the door to run his usual Saturday morning errands, turned to look questioningly at our 9-year-old daughter. “What are the cupcakes for?” “For Pip’s birthday party!” “Wait…sorry…um…. Who is Pip?” “You know,” she said, undaunted. “Pip is my little china dog figure.” My poor husband: You could almost see him thinking, this is not what I signed up for, as he spluttered, “Your china dog…? NO. I’m not going to get … (read more)

Brandon hosts community celebration, Sep. 25-26

BRANDON — The Brandon Area Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Brandon Alliance and other town entities are putting on a town-wide event that celebrates Brandon this Friday, Sept. 25 and Saturday, Sept. 26. The goal is to create excitement over the weekend and … (read more)

Ways of Seeing: Celebration is a powerful healer

My childhood was punctuated by elaborate Jewish weddings and bar mitzvahs that feel ever further away in this age of COVID-19. An abundance of food and drink was consumed as klezmer, pop and big band music wailed late into the night, inspiring circular ho … (read more)