Dear Homeward Bound: Too old for a cat?

Dear Homeward Bound, I have a weird question for you. My grandma lives alone now since my grandpa died last year. She’s been talking about wanting to get a cat and I don’t want to hurt her feelings but I worry about if it is a good idea since she is really old too and might not live that long. What would happen to the cat? Curious Dear Curious, Thank you for asking this hard question. I’m glad you are thinking about it but please don’t worry yourself too much; you’re a kid and you should enjoy being a kid w … (read more)

Teens invited to ‘Serious Talks for Silly People’ hosted by a cat

VERMONT — This month, The Governor’s Institutes of Vermont (GIV) is launching a new program, “Serious Talks for Silly People,” a series of free interactive webinars designed to remind Vermont high schoolers that learning can and should be fun. These event … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Cat triggers false emergency

I have a Phillips Lifeline hanging round my neck on a cord. Recently I took it off as usual to take a shower, set it down in the bathroom and when I got back out my cat was playing with it on the floor. Within minutes the Middlebury Regional EMS was at th … (read more)