Two local authors release new must-read novels

On a book tour, they are the authors — with their shiny new novels, radiating the word “published!” to all the awestruck novices. But here, they live across the bridge and over the fields — they are all that and more; they are our neighbors. Isn’t that wonderful?

Book review: ‘Liquid, Fragile, Perishable’ by Carolyn Kuebler

There are so many things in Carolyn Kuebler’s “Liquid, Fragile, Perishable” that ring true. The cast of characters in Kuebler’s new — and first — novel, are so real, so believable, they could be the person walking by you on the street. 

Engage with writing, music and movement in free community programs at THT

Middlebury’s Town Hall Theater will host three free programs next month that you don’t want to miss. Composer Mathew Evan Taylor and choreographer Laurel Jenkins will present “27 Breaths,” a live music and movement piece on Sunday, May 5; former dean of t … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Lawmakers must take action on environmental bills

Anyone paying attention to the relentless stream of “natural” disasters around the world knows that we need to make big changes to how we make and use energy, and we need them yesterday.

Letter to the editor: Where have all the waterfowl gone this spring?

Where is all the honking and splashing on Otter Creek, the signs of spring that usually come as a relief from the existential dread of yet another winter with temperatures too warm, with mud season too soon?

Officiating a wedding: A Justice of the Peace’s words

As a new justice of the peace Carolyn Kuebler was more nervous than the couple she was marrying.

Letter to the editor: Town falied in its treatment of Wright Park trees

There’s a lovely row of young evergreens along the gravel road leading to Wright Park. They were clearly planted with purpose and care and have done a beautiful job masking the construction staging area behind it and doing all the other amazing things tre … (read more)