Dear Homeward Bound: Should bunnies be kept outdoors?

Dear Homeward Bound,My friend has a really cute bunny, Bugsy, that lives in her room and we hang out with her when I’m over there. But one time we forgot to put her back in her cage and she chewed up some cords and peed on the carpet. Now my friend’s dad says it’s not safe to keep Bugsy inside and that she needs to go outside and live in a hutch. We think this is really unfair and are wondering if you have any advice about what we could say to get him to change his mind and let Bugsy live in the house.Deter … (read more)

Dear Homeward Bound: Is it OK for a bunny to live in a hutch?

Dear Homeward Bound, My friend has a bunny that messes up her house and her mom says it needs to go outside and live in a hutch. We don’t think her mom is right and are wondering what we can say to convince her to keep the bunny in the house. Do you have … (read more)

Teen wins grant, helps out rabbits

MIDDLEBURY — Thirteen-year-old Milo Dippel, a rising 8th-Grader at the Vermont Day School, is now managing a $3,000 grant. Dippel was awarded the Youth4Youth funds through Vermont Afterschool to support his idea to create a Rabbit Adoption and Drop off Ag … (read more)