Building the library of the future: Libraries enhance our workforce

I’ve noticed that many politicians talk about the importance of preparing America’s labor force for the future, and I’m always a little surprised that they leave public libraries out of these conversations.

Opinion: Working as a page at Ilsley Library

When I was little, my mom would take me to the library at least twice a week to pick out books, but as I grew up my time spent there became less and less. Until now. 

Building the library of the future: Ilsley’s Media Lab is a modern-day secret passage

A few weeks ago, a young library patron, perhaps five or six years old, told me quite seriously that the new library should have a secret passage.

Opinion: Media Lab to the rescue!

When the editor of the national beekeeping magazine that I regularly write for asked me to start recording audio versions of my articles so folks could scan and listen to them, I was again able to make use of the DML to accomplish this task.

Building the library of the future: The library is a ‘third space’

In 1991, urban sociologist Ray Oldenburg coined the term “third space” to describe the neutral, public places in our lives that are not home (first space) or work/school (second space).

Building the library of the future: Range of programs builds community

I often describe the library as a community center, and programs that build community connections are an important part of that.

Dana Hart: Libraries bring life to stories, public spaces

The breadth and depth of the programs libraries offer might surprise you, and today I’m going to talk about a relatively recent library program: Books on Sticks.

Dana Hart: Libraries can be good co-working spaces

Libraries often reflect, directly and in real time, societal shifts. So while it is true that we aren’t having as many large and raucous gatherings in our Community Meeting Room, other library uses are skyrocketing.