Letter to the editor: McGill has heart for Rep. job

I’ve known Jubilee McGill for several years, well before she recently entered formal politics. Like many Vermonters her life has not been easy, but she has a big heart and that has made all the difference. She knows what it is to be a single mom with difficulties in having housing and all the other associated problems. She persisted and pulled herself up and found success. She has long been very active in helping other Vermonters make their lives better, in her work and in her activism. Now she wants to tak … (read more)

Letter to the editor: What is Gov. Scott’s ‘affordability’ in reality?

In this last week’s debate, I heard Gov. Scott brag about increasing “affordability” by reducing taxes by $70 million. Sounds great, but what does it really mean, who benefits? The veto cut $50 million that was earmarked to pay down the state employee pen … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Siegel running for Lt. Gov for the right reasons

What does Vermont want from its Lieutenant Governor? We all know the Vermont’s Lt. Governor job is pretty easy. Presides over the Senate, only votes on ties, sits on the Committee for Committee, get $62k per year with benefits. Our past Lt. Governor, now … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Who does Scott’s minimum wage veto really help?

Governor Scott always talks about “affordability,” which really sounds good, but who does his actions really help with “affordability”? We hear him say that rural Vermonters would be hurt most by increasing the minimum wage because employers would have to … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Scott’s paid-leave plan unfair to rural Vermont

We have all heard by now that Gov. Scott vetoed the Paid Family Leave plan that would have covered virtually all Vermonters with a modest .2% payroll tax. He said it was not “affordable” to cover all Vermonters, implying it would be “affordable” if it was … (read more)