Letter to the editor: Cullinane’s knowledge, experience benefit ACSD

As a business and property owner in Middlebury, homeowner in Cornwall, and taxpayer in both, I would like to express my categorical support of Mary Cullinane for the ACSD School Board.

Letter to the editor: ‘Gutting it out’ was ill-put

While I appreciate the Independent’s effort to highlight the grit on display by downtown Middlebury businesses in John Flowers’s Aug. 6 article, “Middlebury shops tough it out,” I take exception to the statement that, “not all downtown stakeholders have t … (read more)

Book review: The Yellow House: A Memoir — by Sarah M. Broome

(Grove Press) A 2019 National Book Award winner and a New York Times Top 10 Book, Sarah Broome’s “The Yellow House” is the history of a home, the story of a family, a treatise on urban planning, and a deeply personal memoir — all in one extraordinary pack … (read more)

Book review: The Nickel Boys — by Colson Whitehead

The Nickel Boys — by Colson Whitehead (Doubleday) Colson Whitehead’s “The Nickel Boys” is a masterpiece of fiction rooted firmly — and disturbingly — in fact. Inspired by the real life horrors which occurred at a boys’ reformatory in northern Florida well … (read more)