Real estate advice: Is there a disconnect in today’s market?

The answer lies somewhere between the seller’s motivation, the buyer’s desperation to find a house in a tight market and both parties’ willingness to negotiate.

Letter to the editor: BMP official explains rationale for special events

We cannot please everyone and those who are not pleased have been more vocal than in previous years.

Letter to the editor: Cullinane merits another term

I’ve known Mary for a number of years and have been impressed by her professionalism, candor and her dedication to the growth of this community.

Real estate advice: Low inventory

Why is there such low inventory? How long will this last? Prices are so high right now. Is it a good time to sell my home?   The low inventory is a combination of several factors. Some sellers are reluctant to list their homes for sale for fear that they … (read more)

Friends raise $10k to help Porter, local eateries

MIDDLEBURY — Jessica Holmes and Amey Ryan have been thinking a lot about the toll the COVID-19 pandemic has been taking on folks working in Middlebury’s dining and health care sectors. Holmes is a Middlebury College professor of economics and member of th … (read more)