Ways of Seeing: Advent is a blessing to all faiths

It may seem blasphemous to write this, but I’m a Jew who loves Advent.

Matthew Dickerson: Advent, waiting and origins of Middle Earth

Today — the day this column is published — is the final day of Advent 2020. If the world doesn’t end tonight, tomorrow morning it will be Christmas. In the Narnia stories of C.S. Lewis, Father Christmas makes an important appearance, delivering gifts to t … (read more)

Faith Gong: The art of waiting

“I can’t stand it! I just can’t wait any longer!” I hear these words from my daughters on a daily basis, it seems. Sometimes they’re spoken in frustration, sometimes in excitement. Always, the object of their waiting is something pleasurable, wished-for. … (read more)

Matt Dickerson: Alaska, Advent and thoughts about waiting

My wife Deborah and I had dinner this week with our friends Rich and Jan Warren. We met at the Bobcat Café and Brewery in Bristol, one of our favorite local restaurants and also a convenient meeting place between our home in Middlebury and theirs in Stark … (read more)

St. Stephen’s sets the mood with Advent concerts

MIDDLEBURY — Advent is observed by Christian churches as a season of waiting and preparation for the celebration of Christmas. Churches often hold special musical events during the season that stretches across the four Sundays leading up to Christmas. In … (read more)