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Letter to the editor: Parent group deserves thanks

On behalf of the entire staff at Mary Hogan, I would like to express our deep appreciation to MESA (Middlebury Elementary School Association) for all they do on behalf of the Mary Hogan Community. Throughout the year, this committed and generous group of parents have organized and sponsored a variety of fundraisers. The monies raised through these events allow our students to go on a variety of field trips and enjoy other special occasions and educational opportunities. 

Additionally, at many points during the year, MESA expressed their support for our staff by treating us to a number of “appreciations,” ranging from breakfasts and luncheons to tables laden with sweet treats and classroom supplies. Miraculously, these celebrations seem to happen just when we most need them. And, most importantly, all of these generous and thoughtful gestures were delivered with the kindest of words and warmest of smiles.

MESA, please know that Mary Hogan deeply appreciates all that you do. Thank you!!

Deb Levesque

Classroom Teacher 

Mary Hogan School

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