Vergennes Police Log: Police investigate illicit drug deal

VERGENNES — Among actions between March 18 and 24 Vergennes police heard an allegation of a drug deal, helped calm a Vergennes Union Elementary School student having a tough day, aided a motorist with a flat tire on Main Street after dark, dealt with a stalking complaint, and before the weekend snowstorm warned downtown vehicle owners not to leave them out overnight on city streets.

During those seven days Vergennes police also conducted 12 patrols in cruisers and four on foot as well as one traffic stop, processed a pre-employment fingerprint request, responded to two false alarms, and:

On March 18:

• Took a report from the Maplefields convenience store that an apparent illicit drug deal had occurred in the business parking lot over the previous weekend.

• Spoke to two women at the station who came in to ask if their vehicle had been the subject of a be-on-the-lookout request. Police said the women also made allegations of domestic violence at a Panton residence, and they learned that the Addison County Unit for Special Investigations was looking into the case. 

On March 19:

• Went to VUES and helped staff deescalate a student who had been described as out of control; an officer spoke directly to the student. 

• Conducted a pre-employment background check.

On March 20:

• Stood by with a flashlight after dark to allow a motorist to safely change a flat tire on Main Street.

• Responded to a report of a semi stuck on the hill near Otter Creek, but it was gone when they arrived.

• Went to Middlebury to help police with the stabbing case in the village; city police said the suspect was in custody when they arrived.

• Checked the welfare of an Armory Lane resident, who was found to be OK.

On March 21:

• Contacted Addison Housing Works, the landlord in the case, to handle a complaint by one Walker Avenue resident that a neighbor was stalking her. An Addison Housing Works representative told the alleged stalker to stay away from his neighbor, police said.

• Tried to serve a citation on behalf of Vermont State Police operating out of the Williston barracks, but could not find the person to be cited.

On March 22:

• Took reports of fender-benders in the Shaw’s Supermarket parking lot and on First Street.

• Issued a no-trespass order to a person who was unwanted at an Armory Lane apartment.

• Notified owners of vehicles in advance of the weekend snowstorm they should not leave their vehicles parked on city streets overnight in violation of the city’s winter parking ban.

On March 23 notified the owner of a Panton Road business that one of its doors was unlocked after hours.

On March 24 responded to a report of a confused elderly woman wandering in a Main Street apartment building. Police said the Vergennes Area Rescue Squad took her to a hospital for help.

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