Vergennes Police Log: City police deal with fraud case

VERGENNES — Vergennes police on Feb. 29 were informed by a city resident she had been the victim of a scammer who called and posed as a member of  Best Buy’s Geek Squad. 

Police said the caller persuaded the woman to provide an Apple Pay account number and she lost $1,400. They advised her to change that account number and report the incident to the Internet Crime Center.

In other action between Feb. 26 and March 3, Vergennes police conducted 14 cruiser controls and 35 traffic stops, processed a pre-employment fingerprint request, responded to two false alarms, and also:

On Feb. 26:

• Ticketed a car owner for defective equipment after receiving a report of a car with a smashed-out window on Armory Lane.

• Counseled a juvenile who had run home from Vergennes Union Elementary School.

On Feb. 27:

• Responded to a report of a dangerously erratic driver on Route 7, but could not find the vehicle.

• Calmed arguing neighbors on Walker Avenue.

• Took a report from the Boys & Girls Club that one juvenile had threatened another.

• Helped a resident get into a locked apartment.

• Counseled a woman going through a separation from her husband after he allegedly threatened to throw her belongings on the lawn. Police said Atria, formerly WomenSafe, is also involved in this case.

On Feb. 28:

• Informed Collins Aerospace security they had received a complaint about drivers failing to honor a one-way sign in the facility parking lot.

• Took a report that a car parked at Vergennes Union High School had been keyed.

On Feb. 29:

• Took a report of a verbal family fight at a city residence; the parties had already separated for the night when police were informed of the incident. 

• Were told by a woman who came to the station that she had paid for service at the New Haven Road car wash, but the automatic wash did not function. Police helped put her in touch with the business owner. 

On March 1 took a complaint that a speeding tractor-trailer truck failed to stop a pedestrian crosswalk on Main Street. 

On March 2:

• Were told a large dog attacked a dog being walked near VUHS. Police are trying to determine who owns the offending dog.

• Gave a woman who said she was in a troubled marriage information about how to obtain a relief-from-abuse order and how to contract Atria.

On March 3 advised a caller how to obtain a no-stalking order against a man she believed was stalking her and contacted the  person of interest. 

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