Chad Alspaugh, 47


MIDDLEBURY — Chad Alspaugh, 47, passed away on Feb. 24, 2024, here in Middlebury.

Chad was born in Winston-Salem, N.C., on Jan. 10, 1977, the son of Robert Alspaugh and Samantha Ellsworth Alspaugh. He spoke constantly of his family, and especially of his father’s love. He is survived by his son, Brad, and his grandchildren, as well as sisters Melissa Holder of Hurley, Miss., and Karen Dee Morrison, of Theodore, Ala.

All who knew Chad were affected by his personal warmth, humor and infectious charisma. He was the kind of person who would befriend you on a park bench or the bus, pouring out his life story with wit, familiarity and charm. He had that rare combination of over-the-top performance and raw sincerity that makes for a truly first-rate diva. He wanted to bring joy to people, and to be remembered — often talking of his wish to go to Hollywood and share his gifts. It was our good fortune, if California’s loss, to be witness to his star in the last year of his life.

Chad expressed himself fearlessly in every area of his life, even when he faced persecution for it. He was out and proud in his identity as a gay man, and adamant that he would not allow the stigmas he had overcome to hamper him or oppress others. He knew what it was like to be treated with disgust and mockery, and he held himself with a dignity under the worst circumstances that bespoke his innate understanding of the worthiness of love of every person. Giving hugs and compliments freely, he loved to give and receive this love in a way that reminded us of what a blessing it is to be together on this earth.

A memorial service will be held at Gather on Thursday, March 7, at 9:30 a.m.  ◊

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