Vergennes Police Log: Police investigate suspicious person

VERGENNES — Vergennes police are evaluating whether a man they found wandering through the Auto Creek parking lot on Sunday and looking into cars might have stolen something. An investigation is ongoing, they said. 

It is not clear if the incident is related to a Feb. 21 report of a man seen in the parking lot looking at vehicles after hours at the car repair business on West Road. Police are looking at video of that incident. 

Also between Feb. 19 and 25 Vergennes police conducted 12 patrols in cruisers and one on foot, 13 traffic stops and two property watches; responded to a false alarm; and:

On Feb. 19:

• Took a complaint of an individual tossing trash in the Maplefields convenience store’s Main Street Dumpster.

• Took a report of a car accident for insurance purposes. 

• Responded to a three-vehicle accident on West Main Street. Police said a northbound car passed a garbage truck, allegedly because a brake failure that didn’t allow the driver to stop the car, and struck the back end of a cattle truck as well as the garbage truck. Police said the garbage truck driver suffered a minor shoulder injury.

On Feb. 22:

• Issued a citation to a West Main Street resident on behalf of Bristol police.

• Heard of a supposedly suspicious vehicle turning around in the Walker Avenue parking area and leaving.

On Feb. 23:

• Heard from the female member of a divorcing couple that her husband seemed to be missing; police learned from family members he was OK.

• Checked a report of a car parked for several hours with its hood open in a wooded stretch of Green Street, but found nothing.

On Feb. 24:

• Dealt with a report of an unwanted guest at a Main Street apartment.

• Were told by a woman that she had heard, but not seen, a man “growling like a zombie” in an alleyway while walking near her Main Street apartment. 

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