Middlebury Police Log: Police respond to domestic dispute call on Court St.

MIDDLEBURY — Middlebury police on Feb. 19 responded to a report of a domestic dispute at a Case Street residence. Police said they found one of the involved parties to be “highly intoxicated” and preparing to drive to a neighboring town to pick up their juvenile child. Police said they prevented the intoxicated person from driving and have referred the incident to the Vermont Department for Children & Families.

In other action last week, Middlebury police:

• Assisted a Cedar Court resident who on Feb. 20 complained of ongoing harassment by a neighbor.

• Investigated a report of loud music and drinking behind the Ilsley Library at around 3 p.m. on Feb. 20. Police warned several men about the local ordinance against public drinking, and they seized and disposed of an open bottle of vodka the men had been consuming.

• Investigated a report of a vehicle stolen from a Seminary Street location on Feb. 20. Police found the vehicle in Brandon, where it had been driven by a juvenile family member, according to police.

• Spoke with a woman about a potential assault case on Feb. 21.

• Responded to a report of a barking dog in the North Pleasant Street area on Feb. 21.

• Took a drunken man to Porter Hospital after he had fallen near the bus stop on Academy Street on Feb. 21.

• Enforced Middlebury’s overnight winter parking ban downtown on Feb. 21, 22, 23 and 26.

• Gave a ride home to a drunken man who was found in the North Pleasant Street area on Feb. 22.

• Served a court order on a local resident on Feb. 22.

• Investigated a two-vehicle hit-and-run collision in the Helping Overcome Poverty’s Effects parking lot off on Boardman Street on Feb. 22. Police said a white van reversed into an unoccupied car, causing minor damage. The van driver sped away from the scene without providing any information. Police are trying to identify the van and its driver.

• Received a report on Feb. 22 about a woman allegedly passing a fake $100 bill at the McDonald’s Restaurant on Court Street Extension. Police said the case remains under investigation.

• Cited Tucker Moulton, 22, of Middlebury for driving under the influence, following a traffic stop on Seymour Street on Feb. 22.

• Investigated a noise complaint in the Fields Road and Middle Road areas on Feb. 23.

• Assisted a local family with a custody issue on Feb. 23.

• Responded to a report on Feb. 23 of a local elderly person allegedly being targeted by a scammer.

• Investigated s shoplifting complaint at the Jolley store on Court Street on Feb. 23.

• Conducted foot patrols in the Merchants Row area on Feb. 23.

• Responded to a reported overdose case at a Court Street business on Feb. 23.

• Helped a suspected fraud victim on Feb. 23.

• Gave a courtesy ride to an elderly patient who had been discharged from Porter Hospital on Feb. 23.

• Provided resources to the family of a local teen who had allegedly attempted to run away from home on Feb. 24.

• Helped a local person who was experiencing a mental health crisis on Feb. 24.

• Restored the peace at a domestic dispute at Porter Hospital on Feb. 24.

• Tried to resolve a custody dispute involving a local juvenile on Feb. 25.

• Gave a courtesy ride to a patient who had been discharged from Porter Hospital on Feb. 25.

• Responded to an untimely death report at a Newton Drive residence on Feb. 25. Police found Gail Swenor, 80, deceased, and believe she died of natural causes.

• Were informed that a purse had been stolen from a vehicle parked in the Court Square area on Feb. 25.

• Received a report on Feb. 25 that a coat has been stolen from a locker room at the Vermont Sun fitness club.

• Received a report about a bag of white powder that had been found on the Ilsley Library steps on Feb. 25. Police said the bag contained sand.

• Arrested 40-year-old Connor S. McCarthy on an existing arrest warrant, on South Main Street on Feb. 25.

• Took to Porter Hospital for a mental health consultation a local person who had allegedly been considering self-harm on Feb. 25.

• Responded to a report of a woman attempting to steal something from a vehicle parked in the Shaw’s Supermarket lot on Feb. 25.

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