Vergennes Police Log for Feb. 22

VERGENNES — Vergennes police dealt with a variety of cases in a busy week between Feb. 12 and 18, including a problematic convenience store customer, a parent who wouldn’t cooperate with authorities seeking information on a child, a resident on the sex offender registry who is allegedly not complying with its requirements, a city resident violating conditions of release, and an intruder caught on video after hours at a local business.

During those seven days Vergennes police also went out on 10 patrols by cruiser and one on foot, conducted 16 traffic stops, processed four pre-employment fingerprint requests, conducted one pre-employment background check, responded to a false alarm, and:

On Feb. 12:

• Took a report of a lost or stolen wallet.

• Were told by a local dentist of a patient with possible anger issues making his staff uncomfortable.

• Took a report of a minor one-car accident in the Collins Aerospace parking lot.

On Feb. 13 went to an Armory Lane apartment to request a parent contact Vergennes Union Elementary School about her child. 

On Feb. 14:

• Took a report of damage to a parked vehicle from an unknown hit-and-run driver.

• Cited Kori Martell, 32, of Vergennes for violating a curfew provision of his conditions of release. 

• Cited Ronald Rial Jr., 50, of Vergennes for failing to complete sex offender registry paperwork. 

On Feb. 15:

• Documented the first of three voicemails during the week from a Hillside Drive resident who police say is experiencing mental health challenges, but is declining help.

• Attempted to serve a relief-from-abuse order on behalf of St. Albans police, but learned the subject no longer lived at the city address provided.

• Attempted to serve a relief-from-abuse order on behalf of New Hampshire judicial authorities to a Valley Vista rehab facility patient, but learned she was no longer at the facility.

• Checked an unfounded report of a Black male going through vehicles in the Kinney Drug Store parking lot.

On Feb. 16:

• Took a report from a Vergennes Animal Hospital stakeholder that someone had entered the building after hours and then left when he realized there were security cameras. Police said the incident is under investigation.

• Contacted an Armory Lane resident whose phone was shut off and who had failed to show up for a regularly scheduled medical appointment. Police told her to call her doctor’s office. 

On Feb. 17 heard from a Champlain Farms convenience store employee that a patron had invaded her personal space and taken an alcoholic beverage from a cooler and started drinking it in the store, leaving only when the cashier started dialing 9-1-1. Police said the incident is under investigation.

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