Letter to the editor: Serious safety issue in school

As a grandmother to two girls attending Robinson Elementary School in Starksboro, I’m totally petrified for them. Robinson School has enrolled a student who is suspected of a shooting crime.

Think about this for a minute. Very sad situation for sure.

I’m just beside myself that this shooter is in my granddaughters’ school. I called the principal and discussed my worries with her on Friday. I know she can’t discuss students with me, but I could and I did.

Her only response to me was our school is safe. Over and over she told me this.

Well as a grandmother who has entered that school many times, never was anyone checked for any kind of a weapon.

My point here is how would they know if this student entered school with a weapon of any kind.

Please, people, beware of who and what is happening at Robinson?

I’m terrified for my two granddaughters.

This is not OK in any possible way that this child is in our school. This child needs to be removed from there immediately.

Thank you.

Pam Jennings


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