Vergennes Police Log for Oct. 5

VERGENNES — Vergennes and Vermont State Police worked together on three incidents on Sept. 26 involving troubled individuals, and then responded together to a third report of possible gunshots later in the week. 

The first came when employees of the city’s National Bank of Middlebury branch reported a male customer threatening both self-harm and another individual inside the bank. Police said he was gone on arrival, but were later informed the customer had returned and was parked in the bank lot. VSP and city police responded, and as he left state police followed his car to New Haven. 

City police said he drove erratically, possibly with intent to cause an accident, and VSP followed him to his home. City police were unaware of any further action taken by state police. 

Later in the day Vergennes police helped VSP take a suspect into custody in Waltham. Police said the man was in violation of a relief-from-abuse order filed by his parents that required him to stay away from them when he started a fire in their garage. Again, VSP handled any charges.

On Sept. 29 city police and VSP searched the area near McKnight Lane in Waltham and the south end of South Maple Street in Vergennes after a report of that fireworks or gunshots had been heard, but found no issues. 

Between Sept. 25 and Oct. 1 Vergennes police also went out on 11 cruiser patrols; conducted 26 traffic stops, some around the county on grant-funded Governor’s Highway Safety Patrol duty; fingerprinted eight job applicants; responded to a false alarm; and also:

On Sept. 26 contacted a heavy-duty wrecker to help a disabled tractor-trailer truck near the west end of the Otter Creek bridge.

On Sept. 27:

• Calmed Walker Avenue neighbors involved in the latest outbreak of an ongoing feud and advised them to stay away from each other. 

• Took an email complaint that a large dog had been running off-leash at Falls Park, although it apparently caused no problems. Police forwarded to city hall the email’s suggestion that a sign reminding park users of the city leash law be erected.

On Sept. 28 checked the welfare of a West Main Street resident on behalf of her daughter and reported her to be OK.

On Sept. 29:

• Returned a $315 check found outside Shaw’s Supermarket to its owner.

• Took a report that a delivery truck had backed into and damaged a Main Street building.

On Sept. 30 while on an out-of-town traffic patrol cited Tanya Brace, 33, of Leicester for a criminal count of driving with a suspended license. Police said Brace’s license had been suspended because of a driving while under the influence charge. 

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