Letter to the editor: Lessons of 9/11 more important than ever

Each year, good Americans look back on 9-11 with heartbreaking memories, moments of silence, and appeals to teach younger generations about the terror attacks that occurred 22 years ago, or at least they should.

This year, I was sadly disappointed as I pulled into the MUHS parking lot and saw the school’s flag at full staff.

I also couldn’t help but notice the electronic sign in front of the school. I recalled how they quickly changed the sign to show support for Ukraine, yet there was no mention of 9-11 on this day of remembrance.

Later that evening, I asked my daughter if they mentioned 9-11 in school that day. She replied, “Nope.” I was disappointed, but not surprised, by her answer.

I mentioned this experience to a friend who works for a public school in New York State. She told me during their morning announcements they talked about 9-11, how many lives were lost, and had a moment of silence in memory and honor of those we lost.

As 9-11 becomes a historical event for younger generations, it’s up to us to pass on the lessons learned and keep the memories of those we lost alive.

It is important for our children to know of the heroic first responders who selfishly rushed into burning, crumbling towers to save lives and ended up losing their own. It is important they know of the heroes of Flight 93 who sacrificed their lives to prevent the loss of so many more. They should learn about the ongoing physical and mental health effects on those who were directly exposed to the disaster.

It is important we remind our children not only of the lives lost but also to remember how communities across the country came together to care for and support one another. On 9-11, we put our differences aside and became united as a country. This lesson alone is invaluable to our children, given the current division in our country.

I do not know why the schools have forgotten 9-11. I just know we are doing our children a great injustice by doing so. Twenty-two years later, these lessons are more important than ever.

Lisa Busby


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