Field Days results: Home and Garden

NEW HAVEN — Every year, the Home and Garden Departments at Addison County Fair and Field Days host amateur competitions in five areas in the Frances Monroe Building. This year, the competition had more entries in almost every department than it has had for years. The Monroe Building was filled with many beautiful exhibits.

In addition to prizes offered by local businesses and individuals, two special awards are granted annually. Since 1974, the best all-around adult participant in the Foods and Handicrafts Departments is awarded with the Leona Thompson Award, named for long-time Extension Agent Leona Thompson. This year’s winner is Mary Howard.

Starting in 2012, the Home and Garden Departments have honored former Director Frances Monroe with an award in her name for a youth 18 and under who has submitted outstanding entries in at least two departments. This year’s winner is Normandie Cesario.

Congratulations to these two talented people.

Other winners in the competition include:


Ervin Henecke award: Alice Smolinsky

Patricia Henecke award: Erin Knight

Outstanding item made from handspun yarn: Marlene Duell

Outstanding felted item: Jeanette VanBueren

Janet Winkler award: Alice Smolinsky

Deb Kinder McClay award: Robin Campbell

Hermit Thrush Fiber Co. award: Hailey Chase

Superintendents’ award: Courtney Allenson

Eleanor Boucher award: Nancy Lee Ross

Best sewn item: Joyce Servidio

Best sewn item by youth: Caleb Moran

Most outstanding quilt: Jeanette VanBueren

Most outstanding quilt quilted by a professional: Karen Shaw

Outstanding quilted item: Jeanette VanBueren

Outstanding quilt by youth: Caroline Larocque

Rae Dwight award: Beverly Stearns

Rae Dwight award, youth: Willa Pickens

Rose Ann Farese award: Nancy Lee Ross

Bethany Barry award, beadwork: Corinne Kehoe

VerdMont Button Club award: 1. Julie Hogan; 2. Mary Howard; 3. Julie Hogan

Oxford Co. award: Gail Pope

Jack Brown award: Edward Malzac, Robert Turner

Jack Brown award, youth: Isaac Haskell

Bethany Barry award, recycled masks: Cyndy Witscher

Bethany Barry award, recycled tote: Courtney Allenson

Golden Years award: Mary Howard

Jerry and Cheryl Connor award: Caroline Larocque

Grand Prize: Lauren LaBerge Taddeo

Art & Photography

Best Entry in Art: Katherine Moran

Best Color Rendering (Adult): Ellyn Mack

Best Color Rendering (Teen): Katherine Moran

Best Color Rendering (Youth): Abigail Frizzel

Best Black & White Rendering (Adult): Courtney Allenson

Best Black & White Rendering (Teen): Saebryn Carter

Best Black & White Rendering (Youth): Normandie Cesario

People’s Choice in Art: Courtney Allenson

Best Folk Art (Adult): Heather Morse

Best Folk Art (Teen/Youth): Kamille Trayah-Pratt

Best Photograph (Adult): Ben Munkres

Best Photograph (Teen): Lily Gordon

Best Photograph (Youth): Walter Armell

Photo Challenge (All ages): Heather Morse

Judge’s Choice Photography: Ben Munkres

People’s Choice in Photography: Marcie Tierney

Garden Department

Premier Gardener: Hannah Sessions

Outstanding Youth Gardener: Jonah Davis

Flower Department

Best Entry by Youth 4-8: Becca Carpenter

Most Outstanding Exhibit by Youth 18 and under: Hailey Chase

Most Outstanding Exhibitor: Pandora Apuzzo

Most Unique Design by Adult: Susan Carter

Most Outstanding Plant Entry: Debra Taylor

Most Outstanding Entry Adult: Heather Morse

Foods Department

King Arthur Baking Contest, Rhubarb Cake, Adult: 1. Mary Howard; 2. Abi Sessions; 3. Rosemary Zezulinski

Best Honey Baked Goods, Adult: 1. Corinne Kehoe; 2. Kristin Swartzentruber

Canning: 1. Betsy Taylor; 2. Margaret Hough

Monument Farms Prize: Julie Bourgeois

Maple Meadows Best Cake: Perry Lessing

Middlebury Bagel Prize: Mackenzie Chase

Middlebury Natural Foods Coop Prize: Kristin Swartzentruber

Otter Creek Bakery Prize: Deborah Ploof

Superintendent’s Award: Heather Morse, Mary Lou Miller

Wanda Goodyear Memorial Baked Bean Contest: 1. Fred Peet; 2. Gavin Greenewalt; 3. January Stearns; 4. Cindy Peet; 5. Matthew Vogel

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