Letter to the editor: Hit and run exemplifies lack of care for others

On Feb. 3, 2023, I experienced an extremely traumatic and tragic situation; my dog was hit and run, left in a pool of her own blood, unable to cry for help. I believe the driver made no efforts to knock on doors or any other attempt to locate the owners of this poor injured creature. 

We are thankful to have neighbors who were able to capture video footage of the incident. Sadly, the driver decided to leave my dog alone, unable to move, on the side of the road profusely bleeding. I believe the driver lied to the cops and they still maintain they “tried to find help.” 

My faith in our justice system and human decency has been destroyed. We wonder why people in this society snap and go on rages when there is no justice for the innocent. It has been almost five months and there has been no settlement of charges against said person who had total disregard for an innocent animal. They chose to plead not guilty to all charges; leaving the scene of an accident with property damage and careless/negligent vehicle operation. My dog is property?! She was not considered a “being?” What happened to consequences for your actions? 

All this does is show people that cruelty to animals, leaving the scene of an accident, driving carelessly is an acceptable action. What a shame we do not have laws that better protect animals. What has happened in this world that we stopped caring for all beings? This is the very reason that more tragedies are happening, such as mass shootings in our schools, our churches, and even just walking down the street. 

Where have common sense, respect, ethics, human decency, manners and caring about one another gone? I grew up with parents who taught me to accept and treat everyone with love and respect regarding the uniqueness of their ways. Why is this so hard for others to wrap their heads around? Why can’t we all work together, show respect for all beings, and stop the violence? Why can’t we have stronger laws protecting animals’ rights, too? Remember, for some people, their animals are the only loved ones they will ever have.

Sadie Messenger


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