Letter to the editor: Goshen officials improving town

This response is in reference to the article “Big Fuss in Tiny Goshen.”

Since Bill Mathis, Thomasina Magoon and Tammy Walsh were given the helm of Goshen governance I have seen only improvement and renewal in our tiny town. The selectboard meetings are conducted in an orderly and professional manner, the roads are improving, the town garage and yard have been cleaned up and the town vehicles are getting repaired and inspected. The town office security system has been modernized and locked down with need-to-know access, town policies and procedures are being drawn up and formalized, and the website is functional and informative.

The kerfuffle and drama generated over a chalkboard witticism, or who technically has the authority to move a voting box twenty feet, seems to me an unnecessary attempt to sow discord where none is merited. It was disturbing to see a bulleted list of alleged complaints and shortcomings presented as facts. I found them vague, opinionated and lacking supportive detail.

Personalities loom large in any small community and strong feelings sometimes surface at the selectboard meetings. I applaud how the new selectboard members listen to all opinions with respect and then proceed to move the ball forward as they see fit for the benefit of the town — as they were elected to do.

I support the direction of these volunteers who put so much time and energy into getting a long-neglected house in order. It is refreshing to see them work together and it gives me confidence in the future of our tiny town. I feel we are in good hands.

Philip Bowman


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