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Letter to the editor: Student event was inspiring

Thank you to the students, staff and Monica Desrochers of the Addison Northwest School District who put on the Together in Belonging Community Discussion with students this past Wednesday evening in the Vergennes Union High School library. It was an informative and eye-opening evening learning about how students in our community schools experience safety, belonging and the gaps where they don’t. 

While introducing myself with he/him pronouns and recognizing I hold privilege as a cis-white male in Addison County may not be how I grew up, it is how our young students are experiencing the same ages we once did long ago. We still don’t understand the full impacts of the pandemic on our society but something that did emerge from that time was a greater commitment to uplifting and supporting historically marginalized people in our community. 

This past event was one of many steps on the road to equity in our schools but I am grateful to see it happen and to have participated. I learned a lot. Thank you VUHS students, your leadership is an inspiration.

Matt Vogel


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