Letter to the editor: Former ACSD coaches react to recent coverage

Pat and I are grateful to the Addison Independent for meeting with us after the publication of the Addison Central School District scandal in the April 26th issue of Seven Days. 

We do not have the space here to correct the untruths in the ACSD statements published in the Addison Independent’s May 4 issue. For those who have read both articles, it should be clear to readers that there has already been a lack of transparency by the ACSD. Even when he knew the truth about the three MUHS girls being used to close an EEOC retaliation case against MUHS Activities Director Farrell, Superintendent Burrows in the Jan. 26 issue said he was “incredibly grateful” to Principal Campbell. Why was he grateful? He was prepared to take disciplinary action, but Campbell resigned before he could? His public response is neither transparent nor honest.

Since 2018, Pat and I have had the courage and audacity to consistently speak up to MUHS AD Farrell, twice going over his head to Burrows to fix his wrongdoing. Nov. 30, 2021 was our fifth time we made an appointment to meet with our new principal about Farrell’s behavior and we were fired instead. I set up that appointment. Pat had been hired weeks prior, he only joined me to add to the grievance. The ACSD paid Pat $733 on July 15, 2022, for this time he worked. There never was an investigation into us, never a complaint. This is the lie which Burrows enabled until they had to respond to a federal investigator last summer. It is also when Burrows banned me from volunteering in our schools, after a decade of service as a parent, volunteer and coach. 

In six years, Pat and I have spoken with both males and females at MUHS to know that Farrell’s behavior is consistent. We are not the only people who he has lied to, ignored, talked over, intimidated, bullied, yelled at, made to cry, dismissed, singled out, spoken condescendingly to, and retaliated against. Pat and I believe this toxic behavior has been systematically enabled by Burrows and helped to create the environment that Campbell arrived at in 2020. Those of us who got to know this new principal agree that Campbell never acted alone as the ACSD’s narrative suggests. 

Meanwhile, we will continue to defend our good reputations and shine more light on the truth.

With determination, 

Jill and Pat Dunn


Editor’s note: The Addison Independent is wrapping up reporting on this topic, but couldn’t tie up all the loose ends for this edition; we expect to have a story in next week’s newspaper and online at addisonindependent.com.

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