Bristol Police Log for Apr. 13

BRISTOL — Between March 12 and April 1, Bristol police completed 57 foot patrols and three car patrols, conducted 19 traffic stops, and checked security at Mount Abraham Union High School 18 times, at Bristol Elementary School 17 times and at local businesses 19 times. 

Police also processed 27 fingerprint requests, responded to one 911 hang-up call and a false alarm, completed five sex offender registry checks, conducted one welfare check and verified two vehicle identification numbers. 

In other recent activity, Bristol police:

• On March 12 received a late report of a motor vehicle that was hit while parked at the Battell Woods trailhead. 

• On March 13 received a complaint of threatening on Main Street. An investigation is ongoing. 

• On March 13 helped someone identify the origin of unwanted calls from Bristol. Police told the caller to stop the contact. 

• On March 15 completed a report of a two-car crash on Notch Road that resulted in no injuries. 

• On March 16 received a report of a dog running loose near Hardscrabble Road and warned the owner. 

• On March 17 completed a report of a two-car crash on Mountain Street. 

• On March 17 unsuccessfully attempted to locate a vehicle that was reported as operating erratically on Burpee Road. 

• On March 18 assisted a person with questions regarding a restraining order. 

• On March 19 responded to a motor vehicle crash on Prince Lane. 

• On March 20 received a report of damage done to a vehicle while parked on Prince Lane. 

• On March 20 responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle on Airport Drive. Police spoke with the driver and found no issue. 

• On March 21 helped someone locate property they left on Taylor Avenue. 

• On March 21 responded to a reported dispute on South Street. Police determined the dispute was a loud discussion, with no action rising to the level of an offense. 

• On March 21 received a report of loose dogs on Hardscrabble Road and were unable to locate the dogs or the owner. Police believe the dogs may be from a Monkton address, and an investigation is ongoing. 

• On March 22 arrested Peter Nelson II, 55, of Bristol for failing to appear in court. Nelson turned himself in at the station. 

• On March 22 responded to West Street for a reported theft. Police located the individual and found they had a receipt for all items in their possession. 

• On March 23 responded to a report of harassment on Sprout Lane and found that no action rose to the level of an offense. 

• On March 23 took a late report of a vehicle crash that occurred in a Prince Lane parking lot. 

• On March 24 issued a notice against trespass to an individual on Route 116 South. 

• On March 25 responded to the Mountain Street area for a suspicious vehicle. Police found two people talking near the vehicle and determined there was no problem. 

• On March 27 received a report of a car alarm being activated on West Street and determined it had been caused by a mechanical issue. 

• On March 27 helped a business identify the owner of abandoned property on Main Street. 

• On March 30 investigated a scam that resulted in monetary loss on Hermit Thrush Lane. 

• On March 30 helped an individual install a child safety seat on Pine Street. 

• On March 31 helped an investigator from the Department of Homeland Security secure evidence. 

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