Letter to the editor: Affordable Heat Act would make state less affordable

Thank you for the excellent coverage of the recent legislative breakfast. From other reports on the “affordable” heating act, it looks as if there are many open questions about the act.

Clearly it is a tax that will hit middle- and lower-income people hardest. In addition, it will place an unfair burden on the local fuel dealers, mostly long-established family businesses. For some reason the legislature seems in a hurry to pass this questionable bill.

It seems as if this is one more action to make Vermont less affordable, in addition to our harsh computerized car “safety” inspections and the as yet unchanged education property tax.

We all want progress, but why must it so often be those who can least afford it who must pay the most.

While things of this sort continue to make Vermont less affordable, our young people continue to leave for less expensive states.

Robert Anderson


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