Bristol Police Log for Jan. 26

BRISTOL — Between Dec. 11 and Jan. 14 Bristol police completed 79 foot patrols and eight car patrols, conducted 52 traffic stops and checked the security at Mount Abraham Union High School 28 times, at Bristol Elementary School 29 times and at local businesses 27 times. 

Police also processed 42 fingerprint requests, helped one citizen get into their locked vehicle, responded to two false alarms, conducted five welfare checks, verified one vehicle identification number and facilitated the return of one wallet. 

In other recent activity, Bristol police: 

• On Dec. 11 responded to a two-car crash on West Street. 

• On Dec. 11 responded to a report of a disabled vehicle near the Lord’s Prayer Rock on Rockydale Road and provided emergency lights until a tow truck arrived. 

• On Dec. 13 received a delayed report of damage to a vehicle that occurred in the Bristol area on Sept. 22. 

• On Dec. 13 received a report of threatening. An investigation found there was no credible threat. 

• On Dec. 14 responded to a Mountain Street residence for a possible burglary. An investigation is ongoing. 

• On Dec. 15 responded to a complaint involving suspicious calls on Crescent Street and found no action rose to the level of an offense. 

• On Dec. 17 issued a parking ticket on Main Street. 

• On Dec. 18 helped Bristol Public Works remove a vehicle on Main Street for snow removal, then issued a parking ticket. 

• On Dec. 18 helped a citizen deliver a message to Public Works about ice covered sidewalks on West Street. 

• On Dec. 21 received a report of a juvenile in possession of marijuana on Airport Drive. 

• On Dec. 23 removed tree limbs from multiple roads in the Bristol area after the pre-Christmas storm. 

• On Dec. 24 helped a resident secure a building on East Street. 

• On Dec. 25 helped an individual resolve a civil issue on West Street. 

• On Dec. 27 issued a no trespass order to someone on Munsill Avenue. 

• On Dec. 27 took a report of a suspicious person on Pleasant Street. The person was gone when police arrived. 

• On Dec. 29 received a report of a potentially fraudulent bank transaction from a local bank. An investigation is ongoing. 

• On Dec. 30 received a complaint of fraud on Lower Notch Road. An investigation is ongoing. 

• On Dec. 30 responded to a complaint of a barking dog and warned the owner. 

• On Dec. 30 responded to Eagle Park regarding someone violating a town ordinance and explained the ordinance to the individual. 

• On Jan. 1 assisted someone on West Street with transportation. 

• On Jan. 3 responded to a crash on Park Place. 

• On Jan. 4 investigated an animal complaint on West Street and explained the animal ordinance to the owner. 

• On Jan. 4 investigated a loose dog on High Street and returned the dog to its owner. 

• On Jan. 4 received a report of a juvenile in possession of marijuana on Airport Drive. 

• On Jan. 5 responded to a 911 call about a citizen dispute on South Street. The dispute was resolved, and the complainant will follow up with Bristol police. 

• On Jan. 6 received a report of vandalism to a vehicle. An investigation is ongoing. 

• On Jan. 9 assisted a resident with vehicle registration information. 

• On Jan. 10 helped a motorist start their vehicle on Route 17. 

• On Jan. 11 answered questions for a driver’s education class at the high school. 

• On Jan. 11 received an ID that was found on West Street and left a message for the owner. 

• On Jan. 11 arrested Lonny McCray Jr., 35, of Bristol on a warrant for failing to appear in court to answer to multiple charges and transported McCray to the Addison County Superior Court. 

• On Jan. 11 received a suspicious phone call from someone who sounded like they were under the influence. Police offered assistance, but the person declined to provide their name or location. 

• On Jan. 12 responded to Airport Drive for a juvenile in possession of alcohol. 

• On Jan. 13 took a late report of vandalism to a motor vehicle on Airport Drive. An investigation is ongoing. 

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