Letter to the editor: Today’s GOP poses a real threat to democracy

At first glance, the spectacle of watching the GOP’s string of what seems to be obvious failures to govern is laughable entertainment to serious intelligent patriots. Liberals see and hear the dysfunctional Republican party not even able to control its own rabble, and it seems so obvious that the party has lost its marbles. I’m reminded of the GOP Presidential “debates” wherein contestants argued over who has the biggest penis.

The willingness of so many of those Republicans, even those who are concerned about the signs of degradation within the party, to go along with the ridiculous, unfounded accusations of a “stolen” election could only be justified by believing that it is important for them to remain in power. Those who still support this notion do so either with silent acquiescence or with the absolute knowledge that they are lying. Lying has become so much a part of the platform that an obvious liar like Rep. George Santos, R-N.Y., is welcomed. 

The knack of branding legislation and movements the opposite of what they are is a skill the GOP has long been honing. Citizens United is a tool for separating the rich from the poor, throwing power to big money and corporations. The “freedom caucus” is a handful of questionable hand-picked, ultraradicals that demonstrate how a power-hungry party can be ruined.

It is only too obvious that the current disruption within the GOP is just another step in the dismantling of thoughtful and fair government. It is just another wrecking ball on the foundation of what has made this country great. The concessions made by this radical right wing to the handful of ultra-radical right wingers is a serious blow to democracy.

Robert Demic


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