Letter to the editor: Some other things not seen in past 40 years

An editor recently commented on an unfortunate ad in the paper: “in 40 years in the news business, he had never seen a situation like this.” This made me think about some things that I have never seen in at least 40 years.

Never in 40 years have we witnessed such cruel inflation devastating everything from single mom purchases of baby food to retirement plans. Never have we seen such spikes in fuel prices and an administration willing to drain strategic reserves for election results while begging hostile nations for cheaper imports and shutting down our own abundant energy sources.

Never have we seen open borders that are on track for allowing illegal immigrants numbering 10 times the population of Vermont. Never have we seen national debt amounting to $100,000 per U.S. citizen. Never have we seen educational and medical professionals prescribing unnatural medications, mastectomies, hysterectomies and castration of healthy school age children even in defiance of their parents. Never have we witnessed such destruction of freedom in the name of health safety.

Never have we witnessed such slip shod election procedures with unsupervised ballot handling and black box computer processing.

Never have we seen such chilling pursuit of dissidents by the FBI. Never have we seen such Gulag style incarceration of uncharged defendants in the capitol of the “land of the free.” Never have we seen billions in disgraceful profits of drug companies in league with government mandated experimental gene therapy injections. Never have we seen such blatant corruption in a presidential family only to be relentlessly covered up by media and government collusion.

Yes, America! There’s a lot that we have not seen in the last 40 years or ever. Never have we had a greater need for major change!

Ed Wheeler


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