Middlebury Police Log: Police aid in car, motorcycle accident

MIDDLEBURY— Middlebury police investigated a car-versus-motorcycle crash at the intersection of Route 7 South and Foote Street at around 11:10 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 30. 

Police said those on the motorcycle were taken to Porter for evaluation, while the driver of the car wasn’t injured. Police said they’ve chalked up the accident to the motorist not seeing the motorcycle prior to entering the intersection.

When asked, police said that no charges were pending.

In other action last week, Middlebury police: 

• Responded to a trespassing complaint in the Monarch Court neighborhood on Sept. 26.

• Assisted Vermont State Police with a reported domestic disturbance on Upper Plains Road in Salisbury on Sept. 26.

• Responded to a report of an unresponsive man on board a bus at the Academy Street bus stop on Sept. 26. Police said the man denied medical treatment.

• Warned a woman against panhandling on private property off Court Street on Sept. 26. Police said they gave the woman public assistance information.

• Assisted Middlebury Union Middle School officials with an out-of-control student on Sept. 26.

• Received a complaint on Sept. 26 from an Exchange Street business owner about people allegedly loitering after hours to use free WiFi service.

• Checked in on the welfare of a child who had left school without permission on Sept. 26.

• Were informed of the alleged theft of money and prescription medicine from a Monarch Court residence on Sept. 26.

• Assisted Middlebury Regional EMS (MREMS) at a medical call on Lower Foote Street on Sept. 26.

• Took home a drunken woman who was not wanted at a North Pleasant Street store on Sept. 27.

• Cited Joseph Batten, 57, of Wallingford for driving under the influence, following a stop on Route 7 North on Sept. 27. Police said Batten declined to submit to a breath test.

• Assisted MREMS on Sept. 27 with a woman who was reported unresponsive at a Route 7 South motel. Turns out the woman had been suffering from an unknown serious medical issue and was taken to Porter Hospital, police said.

• Spoke with a local man about a harassment compliant on Sept. 28.

• Served a temporary restraining order on a person in the Exchange Street area on Sept. 28.

• Checked on a barefoot man in the North Pleasant Street area who witnesses said appeared to be in pain. Police said it was a houseless person who reported being OK and was just “airing out” his feet.

• Inspected a window at an East Main Street home that had been damaged by BB pellet on Sept. 28.

• Responded to a report of some drunken people hanging out outside a Court Street business on Sept. 28.

• Cited Ashleigh Hickey, 30, of Middlebury for violation of a no-trespass order on the Court Street area on Sept. 28.

• Assisted a woman who was experiencing a mental health crisis on Main Street on Sept. 29.

• Helped a local business that was having problems with a former employee on Sept. 29.

• Received a report on Sept. 29 from a local business that was being victimized in a check fraud case.

• Checked a downtown business after receiving reports of houseless people sleeping on its property on Sept. 29.

• Received a report about a nuisance dog in the Case Street area of East Middlebury on Sept. 30.

• Confiscated prescription medication from a North Pleasant Street resident who authorities believed was possessing it illegally on Sept. 30.

• Assisted a local resident whose mailed check had been stolen and forged on Sept. 30. Police said the victim ordered their bank to stop payment on the check.

• Assisted a drunken and suicidal woman on Court Street on Sept. 30. Police said the woman was taken to Porter Hospital for assistance.

• Received a complaint on Sept. 30 from a Seminary Street Extension resident who said someone has been leaving trash on his front lawn “on a regular basis.”

• Took what police described as “a highly intoxicated” man into protective custody on Court Street Extension and turned him over to a sober family member on Sept. 30.

• Responded to a reported domestic disturbance at the South Village Green apartment complex on Oct. 1.

• Discovered graffiti on Oct. 1 that someone had spray painted under the Cross Street Bridge.

• Investigated a local check fraud case on Oct. 1.

• Spoke on Oct. 1 with two people engaged in what police described as a “highly visible public display of intimacy” on College Street and suggested those involved select a more private location.

• Spoke with a Monroe Street resident on Oct. 2 who had discovered an archery arrow stuck in the back wall of his house. Police determined the arrow belonged to a neighbor who had been practicing archery in their backyard.

• Responded to a report of a loud party at a Cross Street residence at around 2:40 a.m. on Oct. 2.

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