Middlebury Police Log: Police look into stolen town truck

MIDDLEBURY — Middlebury police on June 24 probed the reported theft of a Middlebury Public Works truck from the department’s Route 7 South headquarters. Police said the truck was soon located parked at Otter View Park, with its tires slashed.

The case remains under investigation, according to police.

In other action last week, Middlebury police:

  • Received reports of loose cows on Route 7 South on June 20.
  • Were informed of “numerous” mailbox vandalisms on Burnham Drive on June 20.
  • Received two muzzle-loader guns that the owner wanted destroyed on June 20.
  • Sent a “nuisance notice” on June 20 to the landlord of a North Pleasant Street home whose tenants had been holding loud parties.
  • Helped a local resident who had been approached by scammers on June 21.
  • Warned some people who had been drinking in public near the train tracks off Elm Street on June 21.
  • Received reports on June 21 of people speeding along Weybridge Street near the Otter Creek Child Center.
  • Checked a report of a vehicle possibly being broken into while parked at the Trail Around Middlebury access off Route 7 South on June 22.
  • Assisted a local person who was despondent after a breakup on June 22.
  • Responded to a report of a person drinking alcohol in public off Court Street on June 22.
  • Helped Vermont State Police search for local suspects who had attempted to steal a catalytic converter from a vehicle in Bristol on June 22.
  • Restored peace on June 23 at a Valley View Drive residence where a man had refused to leave the premises.
  • Assisted Middlebury Regional EMS (MREMS) on a medical call in the Ellen Drive area on June 23.
  • Responded to a June 23 report of a juvenile having a mental health episode at a Court Street home.
  • Received a report of a motorist throwing a bottle at a Case Street home while driving by on June 23.
  • Received word from Middlebury College Public Safety on June 23 that “several” college officials at both the Middlebury and California campuses had received “concerning email messages.” No further details were provided on the nature of the messages.
  • Were informed of the theft of a bike from Middlebury College campus on June 23.
  • Received a report about a dog attacking another dog in the Valley View neighborhood on June 23. Police referred the case to the local dog warden.
  • Told people sleeping outside a Court Street business to move along on June 23.
  • Checked on two people found sleeping outside a Court Street Extension business on June 23.
  • Responded to a verbal dispute between some people in the Porter Field Road area on June 24.
  • Received a report that someone had drained gas from vehicle’s gas tank while it was parked off Mill Street on June 24. Police said the culprit had drilled a hole into the vehicle’s gas tank.
  • Investigated a report of a driver veering off into a ditch to avoid a reckless driver near the intersection of Case Street and Quarry Road on June 24.
  • Were informed of the theft of a donation box from a Court Street store on June 24.
  • Assisted Brandon police with a possible burglary in progress on Franklin Street in Brandon on June 24.
  • Responded to a report of loud music and voices in the Cross Street area on June 25.
  • Responded to an assault complaint in the South Village Green neighborhood on June 25. Police said the people allegedly involved had left the scene.
  • Responded to multiple complaints about a loud party at a Washington Street home on June 25.
  • Arrested Austin T. Morin, 20, on June 26 on an outstanding warrant related to his failure to appear for a prior court appointment in Lamoille County. Police said Morin was also cited for violating his conditions of release for allegedly not adhering to a 24-hour curfew.
  • Assisted a local person who felt harassed by his landlord in the Seymour Street area on June 26.
  • Received a complaint on June 27 about people allegedly riding dirt bikes on trails in Wright Park. Police said they found no one riding dirt bikes in that area.
  • Assisted MREMS on a medical call in the Happy Valley Road area on June 27.
  • Assisted MREMS on an emergency call in the Court Street area on June 27.
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