Bristol Police Log for Jun. 16

BRISTOL — Between May 16 and June 6, Bristol police completed 96 foot patrols and six car patrols, completed five sex offender registry checks, conducted 37 traffic stops and checked the security of Mount Abraham Union High School 21 times, of Bristol Elementary School 19 times, and at local businesses 20 times.

Police also processed 12 fingerprint requests, responded to a false alarm, helped one resident get into their locked vehicle, responded to one 911 call that turned out to be a misdial and facilitated the return of one loose dog and one bicycle.

In other recent activity, Bristol police:

  • On May 17 responded to a complaint of unsafe driving by multiple vehicles on Airport Drive. An investigation is ongoing.
  • On May 17 completed online evidence management training.
  • On May 19 received a report of stalking from a person on Taylor Avenue; an investigation is ongoing.
  • On May 20 responded to a person on Airport Drive in need of assistance with transportation. Officers went there and determined that assistance was not needed.
  • On May 21 responded to a dog at large on Garfield Street. Police returned the dog to its owner and issued a ticket to the owner for letting the dog run loose without supervision.
  • On May 21 issued parking tickets to vehicles parked on pavement on Lincoln Road.
  • On May 22 assisted with returning property found on South Route 116.
  • On May 24 assisted a resident in contacting the appropriate agency for a civil issue.
  • On May 24 also assisted a resident in contacting the appropriate New York law enforcement agency to report a sex offense that occurred in New York state.
  • On May 24 began investigating a report of vandalism on East Street.
  • On May 25 completed online “Law Enforcement: Your Role in Older Driver Safety” training.
  • On May 25 assisted a resident in contacting a social service agency for assistance.
  • On May 26 received a complaint about threatening on Airport Drive. An investigation found no action rose to the level of an offense.
  • On May 26 received request from a Prince Lane business to issue a notice against trespass upon a resident. Police will serve the notice when the form is complete.
  • On May 27 responded to a harassment complaint on Taylor Avenue, and forwarded information from the incident to the State’s Attorney for review.
  • On May 27 received a complaint about threatening on Parsonage Road and determined no action rose to the level of an offense.
  • On May 28 responded to a report of a family find in the Mountain Street area. Police cited Kelly Husk, 42, of Starksboro for domestic assault.
  • On May 30 responded to a crash on South Route 116 and provided emergency lights and traffic control.
  • On May 30 assisted the Vermont Department for Children and Families in the Taylor Avenue neighborhood.
  • On May 31 assisted with traffic control at the scene of a crash on Burpee Road.
  • On May 31 assisted with an application for a refrain from abuse court order on West Street.
  • On May 31 helped a Main Street business return property left by a customer.
  • On May 31 cited Lonny McCray, 24, of Bristol for driving with a criminally suspended license and violation of conditions of release.
  • On June 1 responded to a death investigation on Church Street. Police determined that Nancy Abbot, 91, died of natural causes.
  • On June 1 assisted Vermont State Police with a noise complaint on Woodland Drive.
  • On June 1 assisted Saint Albans City Police in locating a person on Morgan Horse Lane.
  • On June 2 someone reported receiving unwanted texts and photos from an unknown person. An investigation is ongoing.
  • On June 3 assisted a Bristol resident in contracting a social service organization for assistance.
  • On June 3 provided traffic control on West Street while Randy Sargent hung the Mount Abraham Union High School graduation banner.
  • On June 5 assisted a resident in contacting the appropriate agency to assist with an ongoing civil issue.
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