Vergennes Police Log for Jun. 2

VERGENNES — Vergennes police between May 23 and 29 were three times called upon to calm disputes and a fourth time stood by to prevent a potential disagreement from erupting.

On May 23 police responded to a complaint of an assault by a family member at a Main Street residence. Stories shifted as officers spoke to the women involved, and the incident ultimately proved to be a verbal dispute among several parties that police said they were able to smooth over before leaving.

On May 28 city police went to an argument that reportedly might have become physical involving a woman and two men on the sidewalk outside of Riverside Apartments. Police said a woman residing there apparently believed two men walking along were too noisy, and she left the building to accost them, accusing them of waking up her children. Again, police said no arrests were made, and they calmed those involved.

Also on May 28 city police went to the nearby Agency of Transportation commuter lot in Ferrisburgh at the request of a party involved and stood by at a child custody exchange between an estranged couple that is struggling to get along.

On May 29 police responded to Walker Avenue and settled down two arguing female neighbors.

In other action in those seven days, Vergennes conducted 13 cruiser and three foot patrols, two VIN inspections, one traffic stop and two property watches, and also:

On May 23 and 24 met with Vergennes Union High School and Counseling Service of Addison County representatives in a cooperative effort to develop a plan to help a student going through emotional challenges. On the 24th police checked in with the student at his home and determined he was doing OK.

On May 25 responded to what proved to be a false report of public nudity on School Street.

On May 26 checked out a report of a suspicious person at Falls Park and discovered a homeless person undergoing mental duress. Police took him to the John Graham Shelter, where he received a meal and a bus ticket to a preferred destination.

On May 27:

  • Helped Charlotte Rescue deal with a drunken and combative Walker Ave resident, who was taken to Porter Hospital.
  • Investigated a report that someone might have broken into and slept in a Main Street home.
  • Checked out a building near the VUHS playing fields that had been left open with a light on. Police closed the building down.

On May 29 checked out a tip that dogs at a First Street home might be neglected. Police learned the owners had found someone to come and feed them and take them out.

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