Letter to the editor: A promenade for Middlebury center?

As I drove through Middlebury during the construction/repairs involving the area of the town green adjacent to Route 7, I observed that the resulting, albeit temporary, broad graveled surface would make a charming permanent promenade.

We are all aware that there is currently no fluid nor safe pedestrian access adjacent to the Route 7 thoroughfare.

The shaded promenade could be visually attractive with benches along the way and provide a safe, level connection between the Town Hall section of town to the Congregational Church section on the other side of the green.

As the major work has just been accomplished, the cost to the town to create the promenade would be nominal.

The larger question would be whether it is possible for the selectboard to be flexible, to consider this possibility, and to act decisively before the construction project reaches an irrevocable stage of completion.

Faith Terry


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