Letter to the editor: Teens thanked for their efforts

Can you believe today’s teenagers? What will they do next? Just turn on the news or read the papers and you get reports of mischief and mayhem, disrespect and disaster. Where are those teens who care about their community, who show some respect and responsibility?

Well, search no further … some of them are right here in our own backyard at Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center.

Hearing of our frustration with starting a recently purchased roto-tiller, student Isaac suggested his class could perhaps check it out for us. Fellow student Jeb quickly solved the problem by making some adjustments to conform to industry standards. His thorough analysis of the problem and detailed explanation of the solution reflect the depth of the Industrial Design and Fabrication program at PAHCC and the quality of Doug Atwood’s instruction.

So to these teens, we say a hearty Thank You! Thank you for your caring attitude, coupled with your enthusiasm and impressive knowledge of the field. You lead us to respectfully ask:

What will they do next?

Bill and Rhoda Rader


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