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Letter to the editor: Former MAUSD worker urges care

Dear Dawn Griswold and members of MAUSD board,

I worked for Mount Abraham Unified School District for many years until my retirement. I had the privilege of working at the Monkton School and at Beeman Elementary. I also had the opportunity to work with teachers from all MAUSD elementary schools. Each school is unique and has its own strengths reflecting the community, administration and teachers and thus contributes to the educational experience for students in the district as a whole.

All elementary students in MAUSD benefit from the sharing of ideas and expertise among schools. The loss of any one school is a loss to the whole district. When I heard that Lincoln Community School was withdrawing from the district, I thought about the sad loss of unique and creative input to the district. Now, when I hear that Robinson School might also withdraw from MAUSD, I feel like the quality of the educational experience for all students in the district is in jeopardy. I strongly urge you, the board, to do all you can to keep all elementary schools in MAUSD.

When I heard Nate Levinson’s report, I felt encouraged for the future of our school district, that some common-sense solutions could be pursued to solve the declining enrollment dilemma. Now, I am concerned about the course of the Merger Study Committee. Surely it’s important to each town to have control over the decision as to whether or not to close its school. I can’t imagine any town wanting to give up that basic right of democracy in favor of a merger with Addison Northwest School District. Please maintain the integrity of our school district and the quality of educational experience for all students district-wide.

Yours sincerely,

Margaret Benn

New Haven

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