Letter to the editor: State must address danger posed by Rt. 22A trucks

Editor’s note: The writer sent this letter to the State Agency of Transportation and Vermont State Police and copied the Independent so we could publish it.

This letter is to address the issues on Route 22A in the Town of Orwell. The town has a major problem with the intersection of Route 22A and Route 73. Route 22A flows north to south while Route 73 flows east to west. Our problem is we are constantly having tractor-trailer trucks park along the eastern and western sides of 22A. When the trucks are allowed to do this oncoming traffic from Route 73 cannot see the flowing of oncoming traffic north and south on 22A.

I have traveled all of Vermont and have come to hundreds of intersections and have never seen where trucks of this size are allowed to obstruct the view of traffic in this way. Our Selectboard has complained many times but with no satisfaction. The Agency of Transportation has shown no interest in fixing this situation. This action is deplorable. We had a fatal accident at this intersection in the last three weeks. What more needs to happen? The state knows that 22A is a mess from Orwell to West Haven.

Our road commissioner has even expressed to me how dangerous it is for him to cross this intersection with the snowplow on the front of the truck when these trucks are allowed to park this way. This problem can be solved with little effort. Our Selectboard and the people of Orwell deserve answers. The people of Orwell deserve a state government working for us as this intersection is dangerous for everyone traveling on these two roads.

Gerry Audet


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