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Letter to the editor: McCallum is the type of leader ACSD needs

I am writing to share my support of Jamie McCallum for the ACSD school board.

I first met Jamie a decade ago at a community meeting of the Vermont Workers’ Center, where we volunteered in support of Vermont’s freshly-passed universal healthcare law. During the past 10 years I’ve known Jamie, his commitment to social justice in Addison County has been strong, bold and unwavering.

The issues facing our ACSD schools are complex, and there are no easy solutions. Otherwise, simplistic slogans would suffice as strategic plans. Our school board members serve as stewards of discussions, deliberations, and ultimately, decisions. If Jamie is elected to the ACSD school board, I know that he will be a strong advocate and lift up the voices of those most impacted — students, their families and their teachers.

Jamie understands that those most impacted by a problem ought to be leading the way toward its solution. I’ve watched him uphold this principle time and time again, such as when we helped the Porter nurses as they fought for safer and healthier working conditions at our hospital.

As a dad of two young kids who are about to embark on their journey in ACSD schools, Jamie’s perspective is what a school board needs. As for me — a partner to a mom of a Mary Hogan second grader and an excited father-to-be come June — Jamie is the kind of school board member my family needs.

Jason Kaye

East Middlebury

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