Bristol Police Log: Local man will answer to criminal DLS citation

BRISTOL — On Feb. 6, during a traffic stop, Bristol police cited Lonny McCray Jr., 34, of Bristol for driving with a criminally suspended license. McCray was ordered to appear in Addison Criminal Court on March 28 to answer to the charge.

Between Jan. 24 and Feb. 13 Bristol police completed 65 foot patrols, conducted five car patrols and 33 traffic stops, and checked security at Mount Abraham Union High School 20 times, at Bristol Elementary School 20 times, and at local businesses 20 times.

Police also processed 13 fingerprint requests, verified one vehicle identification number, helped one person get into their locked vehicle, responded to two false alarms, facilitated the return of one loose dog and three unspecified items of personal property, conducted two welfare  checks without incident, and completed four sex offender compliance checks and found all to be in compliance.

Bristol police issued parking tickets on Park Place on Jan. 24,25 and 31, and Feb. 1, 7 and 9.

During this period the department assisted Bristol Rescue three times, and officers completed online training related to criminal justice information storage, traffic safety, and crime information sharing, as well as a webinar on “Crisis Cops: A New England Perspective.”

In other recent activity, Bristol police:

  • On Jan. 24 served someone with a subpoena on Main Street.
  • On Jan. 24 helped someone on Mountain Street get a ride home.
  • On Jan. 25 responded to a parking complaint at the intersection of Garfield and North streets and explained to the vehicle owner why they were not allowed to park on the sidewalk.
  • On Jan. 26 helped someone in a parked vehicle that had defective taillights on Airport Drive.
  • On Jan. 27 directed traffic at the scene of a vehicle crash at the intersection of Monkton and Burpee roads until Vermont State Police arrived.
  • On Jan. 28 helped someone recover personal property on South Street.
  • On Jan. 28 provided information to someone on Munsill Avenue who was asking about obtaining a restraining order.
  • On Jan. 29 helped mediate a resolution for property retrieval on South Street.
  • On Jan. 30 investigated a report of a suspicious person on West Street, determined the person was waiting for a ride and observed nothing of concern.
  • On Jan. 31 helped Bristol Elementary School with a truancy issue.
  • On Feb. 1 provided two people with a courtesy ride to Mountain Health on Pine Street.
  • On Feb. 1 served someone on South Street with a court order.
  • On Feb. 2 mediated resolutions for disputes between family members on Mountain Street.
  • On Feb. 3 began investigating a report of allegedly stolen property on Mountain Street, which had last been seen eight weeks prior.
  • On Feb. 3 served an extreme risk protection order to someone on North Street.
  • On Feb. 3 had vehicles moved from Main Street for snow removal.
  • On Feb. 4 provided emergency lighting on Rockydale Road while a motorist removed a disabled vehicle that was partially blocking the roadway.
  • On Feb. 4 helped the Bristol Department of Public Works remove a vehicle that was interfering with snow plowing on Notch Road.
  • On Feb. 4 responded to a parking complaint on High Street, encountered the motorist moving their vehicle, and explained to them the town parking ordinance.
  • On Feb. 4 explained to someone on Maple Street the laws regarding harassment, as well as the process for obtaining a restraining order, but determined that no action described at the time had risen to the level of an offense.
  • On Feb. 5 helped someone obtain gas for their vehicle.
  • On Feb. 5 received a report of damage done to a vehicle parked on Main Street and will file a report.
  • On Feb. 6 provided emergency lighting on Monkton Road while a tow truck removed a vehicle from a ditch.
  • On Feb. 6 helped someone start their vehicle.
  • On Feb. 6 helped the Bristol Department of Public Works with moving vehicles on Main Street to make way for snow removal.
  • On Feb. 7 responded to an animal noise complaint on Main Street and issued the animal’s owner a warning.
  • On Feb. 7 helped the Bristol Department of Public Works with moving vehicles on Main Street to make way for snow removal.
  • On Feb. 8 cited someone under 21 years of age with possession of tobacco.
  • On Feb. 8 investigated a suspicious vehicle on Prince Lane, but found nothing of concern.
  • On Feb. 8 helped Robinson Elementary School in Starksboro with a truancy concern.
  • On Feb. 9 responded to a parking complaint on Airport Drive and ticketed vehicles in violation.
  • On Feb. 10 removed a traffic hazard from the travel lane on Burpee Road.
  • On Feb. 11 helped someone obtain mental health services.
  • On Feb. 11 investigated a report of someone walking with an open container of alcohol on West Street, but were unable to locate the person.
  • On Feb. 12 began investigating a delayed report of a burglary on Morgan Horse Lane.
  • On Feb. 12 began investigating a report of damage to rental property on South Street.
  • On Feb. 12 responded to a call regarding harassment and determined that no action rose to the level of an offense.
  • On Feb. 13 issued a warning for an illegally parked vehicle on Elm Street.
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