Letter to the editor: Flag football program thankful for volunteers

ADDISON COUNTY — The Middlebury Flag Football Board (MFF) would like to publicly thank its many volunteers who made this past year a success. Our motto is “Safety, Sportsmanship and Fun.” This year, MFF served 110 youths of the greater Middlebury Community. The program could not run without the time, energy, commitment and dedication of its volunteers. Thank you!

1st-3rd Graders (30 players): Tony and Jerry Niemo. 4th Graders (14 players): Peter Brakeley, Scott Sperry, Donny Patterson, Laurent Lussier, Brian Cadoret, Bobby Sunderland and Don Giotti.

5th-6th Graders (35 players): Champlain Valley Equipment — Josh Stearns and Andrew Peet; Forth ‘N Goal (now the Middlebury Shop) — Darcy Trudeau and Cullen Hathaway; Nino’s — Richard Audet, Tim Whitney and Dean Rheaume.

Bristol (18 players): Dennis Relyea, Matt Duval, Taylor Bessette, Tawnee Porter, Jason Kittredge, Jeff Mayo and Matt Van Voorst.

Brandon (23 players): Duke Whitney, Daniel Whitney, Kevin Blier, Gary Benoit and Scott Quenneville.

7th-8th Graders (36 players): Carrara — Scott Bougor, K.C. Bullock and Isaiah Bullock; G. Stone — Kevin Cummings and Todd Desabrais; MacIntyre’s — Brian Sperry and Gabe Laberge; Monument Farms — Richard Audet, Roland Audet and Matt Carl.

Officiating Crew: Scott Sperry, Eric Kaufmann, Trey Kaufmann, Kyle Lussier, Laurent Lussier, Donny Patterson, Nick Lawes, Will Mackey, Paul Cherrier, Duke Whitney, Tim Whitney, Scott Bougor, Todd Desabrias, Kevin Cummings, Brian Whitley, Sam Warren, Nikolai Luksch, Jae Davis, Ryan Thomas- Danyow and Jordan Martin.

Board of Directors: Peter Brakeley, June Kaufmann, Laurent Lussier, Peter James, Dennis Smith, Sean Farrell, Bob Ritter, Erin Quinn, Grover Usilton, Todd Desabrais and Scott Sperry.

Middlebury Parks and Recreation Dept.: Dustin Hunt and Scott Bourne.

Special thanks: Lucie Desabrais Noble of Desabrais Laundry for washing all of our gear at the end of the season. Gratis! Paris Rinder- Goddard of Fire and Ice Restaurant for his generous contribution to the program.

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