Letter to the editor: Democratic agenda in Washington essential

For many who don’t pay attention or aren’t interested in what’s going on in Washington, the Democratic agenda trying to further some transformational, very-much-needed and overdue legislation is important. We all need to pay attention to what’s going on and be supportive of it. Addressing the effects of catastrophic climate change, expanding medical coverage, providing paid family leave (the U.S. is only one of six developed countries that doesn’t have it), providing more assistance for college, etc., are critical, and all of these things being considered are very important.

It’s disappointing that the original bill supported by Bernie Sanders has been scaled back to about half of what it was, due to the reluctance of some members of the House and Senate to take the bold steps that are needed to see this through, but even getting some of this done will still be monumentally significant. OK, high-income earners will pay more, but isn’t that just since they got huge tax breaks under the previous administration? So, even though this whole process has been taking a long time, I’m confident that Congress will eventually pass something that will help this country immensely. Also, according to polling, most people in this country are supportive of this.

Let’s consider that if the Trumpublicans controlled even one branch of government now, that nothing to address any of these issues would even be considered at this time, and we’d be slipping even farther into the abyss that the former corrupt and inept president and his cronies threw us into. The only things that that party accomplished in four years was to appoint more ultra-conservative judges and push through a disastrous tax bill in 2017 that only benefited the wealthy and increased the deficit by a huge amount.

Get real, folks. Joe Biden may not be the most charismatic or youngest guy. But thank goodness we finally have someone back in the White House with some degree of intelligence and decency. He continually strives to work for the country to make it a better place for all of us. You can’t deny this. We’re all entitled to our opinions, but to those continuing to worship a narcissistic, divisive, mean-spirited, ignorant loser and are too stuck in the stupid-verse of Fox News and it’s ilk that maga-morons seem to be in, please wake up!

Bruce Acciavatti


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